1936.  Guns and Dolls. Is she a 'gangsta' or a 'G-man' ?  
Whatever.  I would take a walk on the wildside with her.  
Notice the Phantom in the background.
1951. She was the prize in a hot- lead war?  Hey, Seven might
have something to say about that.  Looks like she is packing a
piece that can sling out the hot- lead.
1949.  Janeway doesn't take kindly to Chuckles questioning her
orders. Then he has the nerve to put the moves on her woman,
Seven of Nine. You dirty rat!!!
1946.  Swede and Kate are taking a little vacation along the Oregon Trail. Chief Wood
Stick decides to drop by for supper.  Looks like he didn't like what Kate was serving.  
Come to think of it, I don't like the looks of that 'stuff' either.  Good thing she spilled
the beans.  Now Swede can go out and rustle up a nice Texas T-bone.
1949.  I do love a woman in uniform. 'Sigh' .  Sgt. Janeway and her wonder
mutt, Neelix, protect Seven from the dastardly
claim jumper, Chuck Cody.  Old
Chuck  doesn't stand a chance against our dashing Mountie.  Sic em, Neelix
1930 .  I have no idea why a modern day naval vessel and an ancient viking
longboat are on this cover.   Anyway, I couldn't resist maniping this one.  
Annika Hansen returns to her roots.
1948. Princess Annika and her Guards.  Nope, she is not kissing
any of them to see if they will turn into a prince.  In fact, one is
croaking at the end of that ray-gun beam after inviting her to hop
over to his pad.
1956.  A great combination of a futuristic uniform and ancient
Wiccan rituals.   'Sigh", it's the spurs baby, it's the spurs.
1952.  I did this cover for Dax.  You can find this story at her
site, Perfection.  Go to my link page.
1949. Janeway is the Elf Queen of Tara.
1953. I can imagine this as B'Elanna when she was in the Maquis.
1961. I did this one on request.  The Duras sisters and B'Elanna join forces.  True
may have contained some factural stories, but the cover art was misleading
the majority of the time.   No woman is going to go out on a mission dressed like that.  
Especially in the jungle with all those snakes and bugs.  Of course, these magazines were
written for males and the covers appealed to their fantasies. I have to admit, as a teenager,
they appealed to my fantazies too.  I actually read a few and ended up disappointed
because the stories were nothing that the cover art indicatied.  Oh well, you can't tell a
book by its cover.
1957.  Strange Horrors Lurk Beneath the Sea? Oh my!
Looks like the
Chicken of the Sea Mermaid. Here Seven
admires her reflection in the viewport of a crashed space
craft.  I like to think that the bloated, drowned astronaut is